RCT Turkey Is Looking For A Process Integrator

Job title: Full-time Process Integrator
Superior: Process Cluster Manager Process Integration
The employee is substituted by: Other Process Integrators
The employee acts as a substitute for: Other Process Integrators

Tasks and Competences

– Optimisation of the production processes during the Ramp-up of production lines,
– Completion of the technical specifications guaranteed to the customer (e. g. efficiency of solar cells),
– Support of customers worldwide (even on short-term notice),
– Customer training of personnel on site,
– Approx. 50% assignment abroad,
– Participation in R&D projects while in Germany,
– Technology transfer

The employee has to execute those tasks in a way that

– Company secrets and the confidentiality of internal and external data is kept that is not generally accessible,
– The image of the company as an efficient and modern business is consolidated and strengthened on the inside and on the outside,
– The quality of the occupation is assured by self-control at all times

He/she informs
his/her superior about extraordinary incidents within his/her department immediately.

Individual Orders
The employee is bound to carry out individual orders given by his/her superior additionally to the tasks listed above that are similar to those tasks or tasks that result from managerial necessities.

Job Target
Smooth Ramp-Up of the sold Turnkey production lines by meeting the guaranteed specifications within the defined time frame.

Requirements / Required Qualifications

– Degree from university or university of applied science (physics, physical engineering, chemistry),
– Profound theoretical and practical knowledge in the area of solar cells or semi-conductor technology,
– Hands-on mentality.

Candidates can apply to the position in the following address:

Mustafa Savasan